Georgia New Year : November 14-15, 2015 at 2007 Stanley Christian Rd. Monroe, GA 30655 / Contacts:(VENDERS)- WaKai Moua (678-862-7727) / (SPORTS)- Nhia Moua at 678-469-0337 / Ka Thao (770-286-1099)

The mission statement of the Hmong Georgia Organization, Inc.

1. Assist the Hmong refugees with special resettlement problem: to help them learn English, to obtain vocational instruction, and in solving related problems.

2. Provide special assistance for the seniors of Hmong parents who suffer from Language problems: to help them to adapt to the new life in the United States. To help them in interpreting when they have doctors appointment, schoolteachers visits, and other such appointments.

3. Prevent the younger Hmong generation to get away from drug trafficking: to manage some after school program, and to persuade them with educational program, and other reltated extracurriculum activites.

4. Manage the Hmong cultural roots, ritual arts, and provide a culture center.

5. Promote culture interchange for better understanding and enhanced relationship between Hmong and American citizens.

6. To solve any problem in the communities, families such parents and children, husbands and wives by counseling or negotiating as possible to cooling down any conflict.


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